Special Orders

Please email me before placing a special order to make sure that I can do what you want.   

All preemie and adult hats are made to order. 

Do you want a striped hat in your favorite school colors?  I can top it with a pompom, if you like!  I make these either with wide stripes (see the Bumblebee hat) or with narrow stripes and with a rolled brim or with a ribbed cuff,
if I can find appropriately colored yarn.  If you email a school or team website, I will look at the official colors and determine whether I can do it.   Please do NOT place an order before I respond to your email request.

If you have another idea for a hat, don't hesitate to ask about it.  I enjoy coming up with new designs.  (I just finished a hat with an Arizona rattlesnake on it!)  I will not, however, violate trademark laws and make Hello Kitty, Elmo or other trademarked character hats.  In my opinion, there is already too much commercialism in children's lives.  I prefer timeless, whimsical hat designs.   I also will not put buttons or beads on hats for children under 3 because they would be a potential choking hazard.

Please email nana@cutiepiehats.com and describe in detail what you want (design, colors, size).  I will try to accommodate you and let you know if I can do what you want.

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Email: nana@cutiepiehats.com